With this agreement, the companies are offering a platform that is unique in the current market. It is the first detection solution operating in both wired and wireless OT and IoT environments, which is notoriously the least managed. It now enriches the preventive threat identification capability with the continuous detection and monitoring advantages of Nozomi Networks software. 100% made in Italy and inspired by a military background, DeepInspect has the potential to mark a new frontier in the security of critical infrastructures and industrial 4.0 processes, paving the way for cybersecurity in our country, which to date, has depended substantially on international solutions. By 2025, Gartner expects 30% of critical infrastructures to experience security breaches

Rome, Nov. 2022 DeepInspect, a spinoff of the Italian NSR Group, and Nozomi Networks, a global leader in OT and IoT cybersecurity, have announced a technology partnership. The companies are offering a joint solution that combines DeepInspect’s solution – the first on the market capable of operating in OT and wireless IoT environments that is able to identify vulnerabilities before an adversary can exploit them – with the detection, protection, and continuous monitoring capabilities offered by the Nozomi Networks system. 

NSR Group spinoff launches first multi-connected and integrated OT and wireless IoT platform

DeepInspect, formed in April 2021, has devised a competitive solution, unique in the current market, that fills a gap in industrial cyber threat counter strategies. Prior to DeepInspect, there were systems available in the market that operated in the OT or wireless IoT domain, generally the least manned, now DeepInspect can integrate both OT and wireless IoT domains. The breakthrough idea was to devise a single system that would include methodology, hardware, and software to identify vulnerabilities before an adversary can exploit them, in order to maximize protection. An invention, as simple as it is ingenious, with important potential to open a new frontier in cybersecurity: enabling a single hardware device and a single dashboard, to intervene comprehensively and preventively does indeed greatly reduce the level of complexity, costs, and operational activation time. Doing so also overcomes the approach of periodic monitoring, which, however assiduous, cannot act in a wide-ranging or automated manner.

A 100% made-in-Italy solution that is enhanced by the contribution of global leader Nozomi Networks

The DeepInspect system takes its inspiration from military command and control systems and is 100% made in Italy, from design and engineering to hardware, software, methodology, and the patents themselves. It was developed with the support of the Italian NSR Group, which provided part of its team of specialized engineers and fully funded the spinoff – that gives the solution its name – and is now available within its portfolio of offerings. The wholly Italian-owned company, NSR, investing in the young business wants to outline an “Italian road to cybersecurity” to overcome our dependence on technologies almost entirely conceived by foreign companies, and to activate synergies and exchange of know-how win-win between different players.

With this direction, the launch of the technological partnership with the global leader in OT and IoT security, Nozomi Networks, represents a milestone in DeepInspect’s industrial journey. On one hand, this agreement integrates Nozomi Networks Guardian software into the DeepInspect platform, which captures and forwards wireless OT traffic for analysis. On the other, DeepInspect will help enrich the capabilities of Nozomi’s software for vulnerability protection aspects in a virtuous interchange. A follow-up development and deployment plan is also planned. 

An ideal system for industry 4.0, healthcare, transportation, maritime, Oil & Gas, and critical infrastructures

DeepInspect is particularly versatile to cover the Asset Discovery and Vulnerability Assessment needs of large entities in Industry 4.0, Healthcare, Transportation, and Maritime. It is also an ideal solution for risks related to critical infrastructure e.g. Oil and Gas, Energy. “The objective of our solution is to fill a gap in the market and to simplify a complex area, such as cybersecurity, as much as possible by creating an agile system. Just think that the main device can fit in the palm of one hand, but it’s sufficiently articulated and complete to ensure maximum protection, especially that of critical energy and gas infrastructures, which are the focus, at the moment, and Industry 4.0 in general”comments Antonio Mauro, Founder, and CEO of DeepInspect“I am honored that an industry giant like Nozomi Networks realized the potential of this solution and chose to stand by our side. An achievement that would not have been possible if first a prestigious group with thirty years of experience behind it like NSR had not believed in us from the beginning, helping us bring our business idea to light.”

We are very happy to collaborate with DeepInspect,” – said Phillip Page, Director of BD & Partner Technologies at Nozomi Networks – “The solution allows us to extend our capabilities. The integration of the two solutions allows us to enrich our offerings and the quality of results. In the future, we will continue to work on improving the integration more and more, and we already see new features on the horizon.”

The assets in brief: agentless and integrable with third-party solutions, uses AI algorithms and cyber threat intelligence

DeepInspect’s centralized dashboard enables organizations to monitor and command complex operations remotely from anywhere in the world with automated vulnerability assessments and discovery for both OT and Wireless IoT assets, providing at-a-glance insight. The platform includes the ability to integrate third-party systems such as SOC/SIEM or risk management systems.  The solution focuses on the first step (identify) of the NIST, (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Cybersecurity Framework, which focuses on identifying assets and finding potential vulnerabilities and does not require software installation (agentless). DeepInspect also provides multiple security capabilities for both IT and OT such as firewalls, IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems), IPS (Intrusion Prevention Systems), and VPN (Virtual Private Network). Its capabilities are further enhanced by artificial intelligence and cyber threat intelligence algorithms which ensure through the correlation of data and analysis from resources (public and private), the ability to detect emerging vulnerabilities more quickly.

With over 2000 cyber attacks every year in Italy, prevention is the key

There are more than 2,000 cyber attacks every year in Italy that spare no sector, from universities to municipalities to healthcare facilities, not to mention the energy infrastructure.  Understanding the targets of the attack allows proper security measures to be implemented on the devices and infrastructure, and this is the main reason why it is necessary to take inventory of all the assets involved. The combination of information from the assets and vulnerabilities allows the necessary measures to be taken to resolve and minimize the risks. In this context, cybersecurity needs a change in focus, especially at the level of prevention and integration of strategies, with particular reference to the critical infrastructure sector.

Gartner: by 2024, 80% of critical infrastructure will adopt hyper-converged solutions, and 30% will experience a security breach by 2025

According to the Gartner report “Predicts 2022: Cyber-Physical Systems Security – Critical Infrastructure in Focus”, by 2024, 80% of organizations managing critical infrastructure will abandon current siloed security solutions developed to bridge cyber-physical and IT risks by adopting hyper-converged solutions.  Through 2026, less than 30% of critical infrastructure owners or operators in the United States will meet new government-mandated security requirements for cyber-physical systems.* (Source: Gartner®).

DeepInspect is based in Rome, Italy. Founder Antonio Mauro, Ph.D. has more than 20 years of international cybersecurity experience along with a military and government background. Mauro has gained ample experience in large companies including, Cisco Systems, OCTO Telematics, ZTE Corporation and was an officer in the Carabinieri Corps. In 2015, he filed a patent for technology to support forensic investigations in the IoT environment, and in 2020, he patented the solution to search for assets and vulnerabilities in OT systems which then became the core of his business project. 

*Gartner, “Predicts 2022: Cyber-Physical Systems Security — Critical Infrastructure in Focus”, November 17th, 2021.