NEW FEATURE: The Hierarchy Matrix

DeepInspect is excited to announce a new feature that will be installed on both the On-Field Data Collector and the Coordinator Server. The Hierarchy Matrix feature is an advanced technique for generating real-time alerts based on the analysis of traffic patterns within OT systems.

The Hierarchy Matrix feature works by mapping permitted traffic in a hierarchical matrix that represents the communication between different network segments. This matrix is composed of custom and fixed matching rules that define the protocol/port used for communication between the different segments.

Analyzing the relationships found in the matrix allows for the generation of real-time alarms: if the value obtained from the combination of Source (S), Destination (D), and Protocol/Port (P) does not match a pre-set value (X), an alarm is generated.

The Hierarchy Matrix feature is air-gapped and allows unauthorized traffic between specific sources and destinations to be blocked, ensuring that only traffic that complies with the matching rules defined in the hierarchical matrix is authorized.