Over 20 years of international
experience in the cybersecurity field

Military and government backgrounds became an inspiration for DeepInspect’s solution

Inventor Antonio Mauro, Founder and CEO of DeepInspect, holds over 20 years of international experience in the cybersecurity field along with a military and government background that became an inspiration for DeepInspect’s solution. The company went live in 2021 and has been making exceptional growth since.

The inventor’s primary purpose was to bridge a gap in the market. After experiencing the same difficulties in the niche sector Mauro realized that there could be a potential solution to help industrial systems improve their operations by having a solution that conducts automated detection and asset discovery in OT ecosystems. 

DeepInspect’s solution embodies simplification by transforming a complex problem into an easy solution. The idea stems from the need to guarantee security monitoring in order to protect critical infrastructures, and the industrial sector, in general. The expertise in cybersecurity specifically in the Operational Technology (OT) sector and the military experience of our team has allowed us to develop and simplify command and control activities

future industry challenges

  • The objective of our solution is to fill a gap in the market and to simplify a complex area, such as cybersecurity, as much as possible by creating an agile system. Just think that the main device can fit in the palm of one hand, but it’s sufficiently articulated and complete to ensure maximum protection, especially that of critical energy and gas infrastructures, which is the focus at the moment, and Industry 4.0 in general.

The DeepInspect expert team has unique capabilities particularly in regard to engineering, patents, sales, and marketing. The solution is patented. DeepInspect holds excellent internal skills developed in the cybersecurity industry that will leverage on a cross selling strategy with an already known customer base. 

DeepInspect’s platform includes the possibility of third-party system integration such as, SOC/SIEM or risk analysis tools. Thanks to its data processing capability embedded in all devices, the solution can operate effectively even in air-gapped environments, ensuring maximum reliability without the need for an internet connection. 

As a 100% Italian company, DeepInspect is excited to implement this strategy to systems across the globe and become a strong force in the marketplace.